Choosing the Right Surface

In the big worktop debate there are three strong (and durable) contenders: laminate, solid wood, and stone (i.e. granite and Silistone). But which one will You choose for your new kitchen?

Laminates: Unmatched for value

Practical, offering superb value for money and incredibly long-lasting. Designed specifically to offer you all the beauty with their authentic counterparts and at the same time not costing the earth or busting the bank. Adding to this the ease of having wipe-clean surfaces that will stand up to the challenge of any spillage.
From the natural earthy hues of our Galaxy black surface to the sultry tones of our Walnut surface, laminate surfaces can add character to any style. The perfect choice when staying within a budget is important, or where spills come from every conceivable angle. So for unmatched maintenance that doesn’t hurt your wallet, choose laminates.

Solid Wood: Definition of homely charm

If you are looking for the titleholder for the most welcoming of kitchen surfaces then solid wood worktops are the one for you to choose. Boasting a natural charm that is rich in charisma and at the same time inviting in both contemporary and traditional kitchens. Solid wood worktops are surprisingly low maintenance and have a high resistance to scratches and bumps, and are made using highly stylish woods. The only possible negative would be their lower resistance to heat, this is easily countered using styling such as preparation boards and pan stands. Each and every wood has it’s own unique grain and it’s own individual character. So if it’s a homely charm that you are looking for, choose solid wood surfaces.

Granite and Silistone: Unmatched for elegant luxury

They’re tough, they shimmer, and every worktop is one of a kind. Granite and Silistone surfaces are the diamond rings of kitchen design – they look chic on any unit. Like diamond, they are heat and scratch resistant as well as stain resistant.
Bespoke gems for a stylish family kitchen or for the luxurious workspace of a glamorous party host. For opulence and grace with added tough factor, choose our granite and silistone surface.

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