Kitchen Design Ideas

3 Designs for your kitchen shape

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, much like their owners.  There is a huge amount of variety out there, an easy way to look at what you want in your new kitchen is by deciding between three of the most common categories for your kitchen layout; galley, U-shaped and L-shaped.  Naturally the design of your Kitchen should always be both practical and beautiful.  Take a look at our simple guide to the three most common layouts.

Bright Galley Kitchen Design. Find inspiration for your ideas.

Galley Kitchens

Galley Kitchens are two parallel rows of surfaces.  A very accessible layout, as everything is in easy reach and only a few steps from surface to surface.  For these reasons the galley kitchens are often the preferred choice of professional chefs. A galley kitchen design can on occasion feel somewhat cluttered and dark, however there are options in which this can be alleviated. For example opting for fewer wall-mounted cabinets or choosing to have brightly coloured units, both of which can prevent an enclosed feel.

U-Shape Kitchens

Unsurprisingly a U-shape design does exactly what it says, made up of three adjoining walls. U-shape designs are incredibly adaptable and work equally well in both large and small spaces. If you are working with a large space you can have an additional storage option by adding a central island unit.  Alternatively if you are working with a less-roomy kitchen you can maximise the area when cooking and have everything within easy reach with this compact design.

U Shaped Kitchen Design in warm colours.

L Shaped Kitchen Design combining contrasts. Ideal for Tenerife!

L-Shape Kitchens

L-shaped kitchens are comprised of a single adjoining corner of units.  A design best suited to larger spaces, allowing free space for a fridge and other appliances leaving the rest of your kitchen open for cooking and storage.  Socialising is made easy with this design, as whoever is cooking can make dinner and chat at the same time.  Try using the open space to add a table and make a kitchen that is party-ready.  The design is perfect for exploring your more adventurous side when it comes to the styling. Utilise daring worktops like a sparkly silistone to add a real shine with this layout.

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