Bathroom Design

Things to think about when choosing your New bathroom

RAD Interiors Tenerife gives you some ideas on how to design your bathroom.

 The exciting thing about designing a new bathroom is the fact that it’s new. Either you are building a new house or you are refurbishing your bathroom, you are free to choose exactly what you want and that is in fact a blank canvas. You may not know the best materials to choose in order to bring out your chrome taps but what you will know is what colours you prefer, combine that with the power to create a bathroom with the things you want, you know there are exciting times ahead.

Take a look at our simple 3 step guide of things to consider when choosing your new bathroom.


Step 1: How much room do you have?

Do you want a bath, a shower or both?  Think about how much room you have and then what you would like.  You could have sub-levels, free-standing baths, corner baths, showers with sliding doors, walk in styles, wet rooms, the list goes on.  Don’t worry though it’s not a minefield.  To make it simple think about two things; what fits in the space you have and what is the look you would like to achieve? Then it’s simply a matter of matching your toilet and basin to your bath or shower.  Choosing the big things is where the fun begins and there are lots of choices just remember the important thing is what works for you and your family.

Step 2: How are the walls and floor going to be?

If you are looking to keep up with the current trend of high-end bathroom designs then tiles on both the walls and floor is the way to go.  The fun part is that there are lots of choices to consider, for example the colour, the texture and the size of your tiles. The right tiles can really help to bring your bathroom to life. Another addition to consider is under floor heating, often considered to be the ultimate luxury and what better to have for those chilly winter months.



Step 3: Last but certainly not least, how to utilise your accessories?

Once you are settled on the style, type of shower, colour scheme, tiles etc. don’t forget about the finishing touches, which are so often overlooked.  Choosing the right finishes for your taps, rails and shelves can be the final piece of the puzzle, often you can complete the look you’ve dreamed of simply by choosing the accessories that match the style of your bathroom as well as being practical and convenient for everyday use.

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