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About me

My name is Ross Anthony Davies, hence R.A.D interiors, I have been living and working in South of Tenerife since 2009. During my time in Tenerife I have supplied and installed numerous beautiful KitchensBathrooms, Bedrooms and also accomplished many complete refurbishments and other building works.  Feel free to view my portfolio for examples of my work and testimonials.

Kitchen Design Tenerife. RAD Interiors

Ross Anthony Davies, your builder in Tenerife, designing and installing Kitchens.

Our History

It all started after leaving school, I had always enjoyed woodwork, metal work and anything constructive when I was in school, however my first Job was working at a Fishmonger in Manchester on the Market. Then on one freezing cold February morning at 6.30am with my hands freezing from handling cold fish to put out on display, I realised being a fishmonger was not for me.

At 16 years old I started work (labouring) for a local kitchen firm in Failsworth Manchester, while working there I realised how much I enjoyed the work and decided to do my apprenticeship with them.  As a result I then went on to working for a couple of other companies installing kitchens and bathrooms, increasing my experience.

The Establishment of RAD Interiors

In 2001 at the age of 21 I went into partnership with a friend; we had a contract with B&Q to install their kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.  We then decided to break away into 2 separate companies, so in 2004 R.A.D Interiors was founded with contracts with B&Q, Magnet, Stuart Frazor and Dolphin bathrooms.

Additionally I also started to manufacture my own kitchens, bedrooms and offices.  I had a workshop with all the machinery I needed to produce good quality materials but at a very competitive price.  I still supply and install kitchens, bedrooms and offices in and around the Manchester area.  I have trusted colleagues on hand for measurements and surveys, and I still have many contacts with suppliers so I can still beat any like for like quote even though I am now based in Tenerife and I have to fly back to do the work, (customers details can be given to prove this statement).

Some customers want the same tradesman to do the work who did their kitchen 3 years ago to do their new bedroom, because they have developed a trusted rapport with them. One example is, Mr Hughes from Cheadle; he bought a kitchen from Magnet which I installed as part of the Magnet installation team. He has had me flown back from Tenerife twice to date.  First time was for a new supplied and installed utility room, and the most recent visit was to supply and install 2 bedrooms and an office for him.

Building up a good reputation

Building a Kitchen for Deli on the Hill Restaurant in Tenerife

Building a Kitchen for Deli on the Hill Restaurant in South Tenerife

Some people ask me “why do you still go back to the UK to work?”  Well the answer is simple, I have been brought up with the saying “don’t burn your bridges” so if I ever decide to return to the UK I will still have a good customer base and my name will still be around. I worked hard from the early days to build up a good reputation (check my testimonials) and I feel it would not be right to let all that hard work go to waste.

Building up in Tenerife

When moving to Tenerife, It was like starting from fresh all over again, with no references on the Island and no work to show and it took a long time to find the best suppliers with excellent service and distribution.

I was paying for an electrician and Corgi registered engineer to come in and do work for me and certify the gas and electric side of things on my installations. Consequently I decided to go back to college and get myself Corgi registered (Gas Safe nowadays) and I also did a basic electricians course (certificates are available upon request), enabling me to keep costs down for customers.

It has not been easy here in Tenerife, especially in the South of the island, not a lot of people are in the position to be spending money in todays climate.  However due to the excellent jobs I have completed, my customers have been happy and recommended me to their friends, who then recommend me to their friends.  Therefore my business has increased through would of mouth and a positive reputation.

I love my work

I really enjoy seeing a project at the beginning and then the difference I make when the project is complete (Have a look at my portfolio).  I take a lot of pride in my work, if I’m not happy with it, then I change it and correct it, none of that “that will do” attitude.  I carry out my work to the standard I would be happy with in my own home.  I am from a normal working class family, and I have always worked.  I set myself targets and I work hard to achieve them, but I am not here to become a millionaire.  I am here to live a nice life and to work.

There are a lot of conmen around so people need to be wary and careful when choosing the right man to do their work.  All payments are bank transfers (not cash) this provides proof of all payments for myself and my customers to keep a log.  If my customers are in the UK, Germany, Belgium, etc. while the work is being undertaken, I keep in constant contact via email giving updates and also sending photos.

I have thought long and hard about opening a showroom in the South of the Island, but these are costs I would have to cover which in the end get put onto my prices, meaning overheads that are an unnecessary cost when I can bring the showroom to you!  I can do this by having all door samples, worktop samples, brochures of colours etc.

Contact Me

Call me on (0034) 603 190 112